The March Challenge

It’s been way to long since I posted something here!  I’m going to make a resolution.  For the month of March, I will blog once a week.  There it is.  So it has been written, so it shall be done.

Ahh, New Haven…  I feel more at home here than anywhere else.  It’s due, in most part, to the people here.  While I graduated from Yale last May, there are still a lot of friends either at the school or living in the area.  It’s always nice to sit back, grab a few (dozen) beers, and reminisce about old times.

Being back to work is a blast.  I had taken a haitus from singing for a few months where I only sang at a competition and a few auditions.  I had once thought that a life of leisure was my ultimate goal, but after spending a few months without any real goals… meh.  Not for me.  I’ve rediscovered my love for concerts/recitals, and this is a great place to hear such a broad range of music.

But this weather… not cool.  Snow, rain, general nastiness.  I need some warmth.  Hawaii Opera Theatre, are you listening?

The month of March will be taking me from the US to Poland to England.  Or beer to vodka to gin.  Or pizza to kielbasa to fish and chips.  Whatever you prefer, they are all applicable, as I will prove soon enough.

Oh yes! I was a finalist in the George London Competition last week.  That was nice!


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