Michiko Tierney Photography

Michiko Tierney is an amazing photographer that I was lucky enough to meet while studying at Yale. Michiko has done headshots for me and many of my friends. She gained quite a reputation throughout the Yale musician community as the go-to person for promotional photography. I also was involved in many stock photography sessions with Michiko. On a couple of occasions, my roomates and I hosted a “Foto Party” and Michiko set up her studio in our living room. We invited all our friends over and partied the night away, taking fun fotos the whole time! Her stock photography is great, and it was a blast to be a part of her process. I’m not much of a model, but she made me very comfortable in front of the camera. She was able to get some really great shots of my cat, Captain, as well! Take a look at some of these great photos, and please visit her website where you can find much more of her work.



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