Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony

I’m excited to sing another Beethoven’s Ninth next month!  Lot’s of great things coming up this season.

THE DEETS (details)

February 15, 2014
2:00 p.m. & 8:00 p.m. at the Ambassador Auditorium

Ticket prices start at $35

Kazem Abdullah, Conductor
Lauridsen Mid-Winter Songs on Poems by Robert Graves
Lauridsen Nocturnes
Beethoven Symphony No. 9

Tracy Cox, soprano
Laura Harrison, mezzo
Casey Candebat, tenor
Andrew Craig Brown, bass
The Donald Brinegar Singers, chorus

Pre-concert discussion begins 1 hour before curtain

Widely celebrated as the greatest music ever written, Beethoven’s final musical declaration is the ultimate testament to the human spirit through the power of music. The Pasadena Symphony Orchestra’s performance of Beethoven’s piece, joined by a full chorus, is not to be missed! LA-based composer Morten Lauridsen, one of the hottest tickets in choral music, complements the program with two original compositions, his song cycle set to the poems of Robert Graves and Nocturnes.

This Beethoven’s Ninth is unlike any by any other symphony in Los Angeles.


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